CorGen measuring and generating long-range correlations for DNA sequence analysis

Long-range correlations in DNA are characterized by a power-law decaying autocorrelation function of the sequence composition. Given a DNA sequence as input, CorGen can measure its composition correlation function and determine amplitude and decay exponent of present long-range correlations. The obtained parameters can then be used to generate random sequences with the same correlation parameters and average sequence composition as the query sequence. CorGen can also generate sequences with user specified long-range correlations and GC-content.

If you want to measure the composition correlations of your DNA sequence, submit your data and specify the distance interval where a power-law should be fitted to the correlation function (more options). Sample sequences can be found here:

  • Sequence data
  • fitting range

If a random sequence with the same long-range correlation parameters and sequence composition as the query sequence should be generated, specify its desired length (1000-10000000):
  • length:

If you want to generate a random sequence with user specified long-range correlations, go here.
Philipp W. Messer and Peter F. Arndt, 2006